Thursday, 24 June 2010

Re-use of University Gym Equipment

A couple of weeks ago it came to the attention of the Sustainability Team that a refurbishment of the gym at the Medway Campus meant that a lot of old gym equipment was going to be thrown out. This is a regular occurrance within the public and private sector, not necessarily gym equipment, but perfectly usable equipment / furniture / etc. is thrown out every day.

There was a very simple solution to this issue of trying to prevent this equipment from being scrapped and recycled. An all staff email was circulated and within minutes there was a lot of interest in the equipment. In the end two thirds of the equipment was saved and given two fantastic new homes.

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys took a third of the equipment for their GCSE and A-Level Sports students to use for weight training and a third went to a local rugby club. In the end only a small amount of the equipment was scrapped for recycling.

All staff emails are a great way of spearheading re-use at work and whenever you are about to get rid of old office furniture or anything that is still in a working and reusable condition it is worth while sending an email around. In this case it also ends up with a great story for the Sports Department. Look at how pleased Iain Metters looks here.


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