Friday, 15 April 2011

Bees found on Campus

Here we have a few photographs of some bees and insects that we have found bumbling around our campuses.

Bombus lapridarius (Red-Tailed Bumble bee) queen

Here's what I think is an Adrena fulva (Tawny Mining Bee) found on the ground at Avery Hill
Apis melifera (honey bee) worker on a mahonia flower
Bombylius major (Greater or Barred Beefly) male

Antocharis cardamines (Orange Tip) male
Osima rufa (Red Mason Bee) female

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  1. Lovely to see the images of the various bees. I am an ex-student (mature)and also having worked at the University of Greenwich for 28 years prior to receiving my degree. My husband is a beekeeper and we have three hives on our allotment. I would like to show some of these images to our chairman of the Dartford Branch and possibly he would like to use these in his lectures. Would you allow this, please. Your name would be listed and of course, the copyright is yours and would be stated as such. My name is Jean Brown and my email address is as follows:

    Hope to hear from you soon - Jean