Friday, 11 November 2011

Photos from a Fungi Foray in Falconwood

While you may have been disappointed to see the weather taking a turn for the wetter over the last few days, thousands of fungi have been lapping up the damp and starting to fruit in the form of mushrooms. On Wednesday John from the Sustainability Team went foraging in Falconwood to see what he could find.

A selection of fungi picked and brought back to the office for closer inspection

Lepista nuda (Wood blewits) they have a distinct perfumed smell and a rich lilac colour

Lycoperdon perlatum (Common puffball) edible when young and quite easy to identify

Agaricus silvicola (Wood mushroom). This mushroom was very damp and fragile and found hiding among the brambles - ouch!  

Lepista nuda (Wood blewit) growing in a small troop among the leaf litter.

Chlorophyllum rhacodes (Shaggy parasol) this one is edible but can be quite easily confused with poisonous varieties

Clitocybe nebularis (Clouded agaric) there are hundreds of these toadstools scattered all across Falconwood
Clitocybe nebularis (Clouded agaric)

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