Monday, 7 November 2011

Saving Energy in the Halls of Residence

Two University of Greenwich Students have been entered into the national competition for the monthly Student Switch Off photo competition. Ross and Malaika’s photo (see the competition here is up against a whole host of pictures of students from other universities showing off their energy saving efforts. The pictures with the most ‘likes’ on Facebook get to pick their prizes from a whole load of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Amazon vouchers and THTC t-shirts. 

The competition finishes on Friday, so make sure you get onto the Facebook page and vote for them now! Even if it doesn't win the overall competition Ross and Malaika will no doubt be pleased with the money they saved by wrapping up instead of switching the heating on. They will also be in with a chance at winning the Avery Hill Halls energy saving competition where the flat that uses the least amount of energy wins an massive Ben & Jerry's ice cream party at the end of the year!

If you're looking for some energy saving ideas have a look at our Eco Power Ranger saving energy, time and money in his morning ritual.

If you want some help coercing your housemates into joining you in your energy saving crusade - Katie from People and Planet has written a blog post on exactly that:

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  1. I love the video, although it's quite short. I've learned a lot about how to save energy, though I've been boiling an egg with the lid on ever since. Please make more vids on how to save energy! Also, I would like to know who the masked avenger is in the video. You got me so curious about him! LOL!